Friday, July 18, 2014

If You Give This Girl Some Paper, She's Going to Ask for Some Glue...

Delaney is constantly making things at home...drawing pictures, putting fabric and paper together, any number of random art projects. I didn't realize how perpetual her creating is until we were away from home for a week for my sister's wedding, and she began to get a little desperate for materials.

She began small, drawing self portraits and other random pictures.

She snagged some ribbon from our wedding materials, found a paper clip somewhere, and fashioned it into a fishing line. She found a discarded box and turned it into a fishing hole.

Then she found her uncle, who was able to discuss fishing and catching worms with her for awhile.

She wrote a recipe for "Banana Swirl", and convinced me to let her make it, then eat it with Sophie.

This recipe later included an ice cream sandwich blended in, and an assortment of other random kitchen goodies.

She made a castle out of drawings of hands and feet, that she cut out and assembled, then drew and cut some dolls to play inside of it.


And this was all by the fourth day of our trip.

The last three days were filled with wedding fun and lots of driving, and zero time for her to work on projects. When we arrived home, Delaney was so thrilled to have all of her supplies again. Within an hour, she had folded, cut, glued and colored a new masterpiece for her daddy.

This week, she is attending gymnastics skills camp each morning from 8am - 12pm. It has a Harry Potter theme, which is perfect for her, as she is currently reading the fourth book, and loving every moment of the story. I assumed that she would return home tired and hungry and ready to rest.

Silly me. She was tired and hungry and ready to create.

And soon, she was the proud maker of a new wand...
 I'm glad the back to school sales are coming up, because we don't dare run out of supplies! :)

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