Friday, July 25, 2014

Learning How to Sew with the Sew Cool® Machine

Delaney has been interested in learning how to sew for some time. That is one area in which my skill level is in about the 3rd percentile, so I am of no help. I read about the Sew Cool Sewing Studio originally on Girl's Gone Child, and it sounded perfect - a sewing machine that a young child can use independently for under $60. I was patient and able to find one with a damaged box on Amazon Warehouse for $35, just in time for Delaney's birthday. (Have you seen at Amazon Warehouse? Some fantastic deals!)

She was excited to try it out. I thought about having her sit down and read the directions about cutting out the patterns, etc., but she picked up her pre-cut pieces and was on her way. About 10 minutes later, she was the proud owner of a handmade pillow just the right size for her favorite stuffed animal.

After making a few pillows, she got around to looking at patterns. She looked them over a few times, and set about to making her first purse.

 She was absolutely successfully, my only assistance being to help her keep Sophie out of her way.

After using just about every piece of Sew Cool Fabric on the first day, making all sorts of fun things, she didn't want to wait for me to track down more fabric*. She found some purple scrap fabric in the garage that a friend had given me, and set to work.

She cut the fabric to be a side high-low dress with no sleeves. She "sewed" it together by cutting small slits in the sides and the tops of the straps, and threading it together with yarn.

It's a bit difficult to see in the picture, but it is a super cute dress.

The following day, she dug through my felt and fashioned an outfit for her favorite stuffed animal. Again, she cut small slits and sewed it together with yarn. It fit her toy perfectly.


I believe it is time to start researching a real sewing machine and find someone to answer this girl's questions...she'll be making my wardrobe in no time.

*I have only been able to find the fabric for the machine in the Toys-R-Us stores and on Amazon, whose price is double that of  Toys-R-Us. If anyone has tips for me alternate material that will work with the machine, I'd be ever so grateful to hear it! :)

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