Sunday, April 6, 2014

An Artsy March

Delaney's creativity was on high all throughout March. I didn't plan any art for the girls, because she had it all under control!

She taught Sophie all about painting rocks outside.

She put together a bakery with a cardboard box, and make lots of very detailed goodies out of construction paper.

The three of us were working on some watercolor scenes for our science story, and that evolved into an entire art gallery, which she is saving to sell for 25¢ each once the weather warms up a bit.

"Paintings for Sale, Real Beautiful. 25¢
Delaney has been showing a huge interest in making clothes and sewing, so I bought her a little starter canvas to practice learning how to stitch.

She was absolutely inspired by Fashion by Mayhem online and on Instagram (@2sisters_angie), and designed what I am sure is the first of many dresses. I was merely her taping/stapling assistant.

She has a bin full of flannel from some other project, and she designed a dress/shawl with it. She requested that I sew some of the pieces together. I am not good, not good at all, at sewing. but with her direction, it was a very cute piece, complete with a little buttonhole at the back to hold it just right. I think she is going to need this thing soon...
Sew Cool Sewing Machine
And maybe some sewing classes, too, if I can find a willing soul.

I never fail to be amazed by the amount of creativity that a lot of independence and a little bit of materials can bring about.


  1. Laney never ceases to amaze me! So proud that she is my granddaughter!

  2. These experiences are inspiring!

  3. Delandy has such a broad sense of interests. I love it!


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