Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Back to School

January brought a new year, a new city, and a different school adventure. Hailey returned to KAOL in Kingman, which brings me many mixed feelings, but also gives me much more time to spend with the little girls.

We have already gotten into some great routines. We usually do some writing and coloring first thing in the mornings. Delaney writes in her journal; she has started to write little stories and design her own fashions.

Sophie wanted to do the same. I asked her what she drew, and she replied, "Raining. It's happy rain!"

Soph draws lots of little circles, and colors in coloring books. She is also beginning to "pretend write", drawing little squiggles and saying that they are words. The other day, I had made her a little mad, so she went to write about it, saying "Mean mama! Mean mama!" the whole time. She must be beginning her memoirs. :)

Delaney and I made up our own "Pictionary". She is an excellent little artist and we had a lot of fun. I especially loved her doctor and nest in a tree. Sophie wanted to play too, and drew a flower and more raindrops.
Tracing a carrot to make a snake!

The girls have been watercolor painting often, too.
We have also been enjoying some math, science, and reading Charlotte's Web together, attending Storytime at the public library and Bookman's, and many other adventures, but those are posts all of their own!

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