Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Monster Math

We love to play games around this place, and math games are the best. There are so many ideas and free resources on Pinterest, or through just a plain old Google search that the options are really overwhelming endless.

I found a "Monster Munch" game a few weeks ago, and Delaney and I played with it last week. I adapted it a little bit for her. Instead of using dice, we used playing cards in order to practice with some larger numbers. We also did addition instead of subtraction, and pretended we were feeding the hungry monster, adding up how many treats we gave him. We took turns drawing two cards and "feeding" them to our monster, then Delaney had to write the addition problem on the whiteboard (or paper, later, when Sophie took over the whiteboard :) ), and figure out the answer.

You can find the printable link to this cute little guy here at

 We all took turns "feeding the monster". Sophie loved pretending he was eating the cards.

This game was definitely a "play again". I might make (or find in my mess of a garage) a set of larger numbers to add 10's, 5's, or numbers up to 100 as we move on in math. This game is adaptable to play with Sophie in all sorts of other ways I can think of too...number recognition, alphabet recognition, etc.

If you are looking for some other ideas, you can find my Homeschool - Math Pinterest board here.

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