Monday, December 24, 2012

Simple Snowflake Art

We have been packing, cleaning, moving and unpacking for the last month, and school has been mostly just the basics of math and writing while dealing with the chaos. This is the second time that our family has moved during the Christmas season, and although you never know what life will throw at you, I really, really hope we only move in Spring and Fall after this. Or never. Ugh.

The kids are pretty flexible about it all, thank goodness, but my guilt-o-meter has been off the charts with our lack of Christmas art and Christmas baking. We usually make a gift to send to grandparents (sorry, everyone) and many, many fun crafts. This year, not so much.

I found this cute and easy snowflake craft on Pinterest a few months ago. We actually happened to have everything we needed for it at the house, so last week we finally got to do a little bit of art. The kids were so happy, and I felt like a better mom. :)

Supplies were simple...a canvas, masking tape, and paint. We used white, two shades of blue, and purple. Just put masking tape on the canvas in the snowflake pattern that your heart desires, and let the kids paint all over it. Once the paint dries, carefully remove the masking tape, and you will have a beautiful snowflake. We only had small canvases, so we didn't get as creative with the snowflake pattern as we could have, but all three still turned out really cute.

The kids were so excited to have their paintbrushes unpacked that they asked to use the watercolors for awhile too.
January should bring our schedule back, and hopefully lots more art and games. I guess December has been more of a character building curriculum - patience, flexibility and family time!

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  1. I love Sophie's focused expression. You can tell she feels like such a big girl. :)


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