Thursday, June 14, 2012


Our Summer School is going quite well. We love having Hailey home with us too, and our mornings often look like this...
for the first 20 minutes or so, anyway, until we move on to more action!

Hailey is reading The Life of Fred for math right now, and is loving it. Who knew a 12 year old would read a math book for fun? Pretty much any 12 year old that comes across this series. It's great.

I found a few sites for fun science experiments, and decided to try the Mentos Geyser from This site has some really fun ideas that are not difficult to explain or put together.

First, we had to learn about it, so we read the "How Does it Work?" section, and watched the video. Also fun. :)

Then, we gave it a shot..
Definitely a success. Delaney has been dropping various items into water to see if they might possibly blow up ever since,

and Diet Coke and Mentos are on our shopping list for next week. We all want an encore!

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