Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Ace Reporter

Delaney decided to be a reporter one afternoon. She made a sign. "Reporting Come"

She brought the little table to the sidewalk, along with a chair for herself, a notepad, a pencil and some water, and proceeded to flag people down. This mostly shy, quiet 5 year old suddenly morphed into a self-assured, poised reporter.

"My name is Delaney. I am a reporter. Do you have any interesting stories from your day for me?"

She had several neighbors wave and smile, and one stopped to share a story about her son. I love nice people who take the time to make my girl's day.

Our street is rather quiet, so I suggested that we walk around the neighborhood, and she could talk to people that she saw outside. She met a neighbor who is having her front yard landscaped. The neighbor shared that she has a bathroom in her front yard right now, which Delaney thought was definitely report-worthy.

As Delaney left, the neighbor added that being interviewed by Delaney was the most interesting thing to happen to her, even more so than the port-a-potty. :)

Cullen happened to pass us while Delaney canvassed the neighborhood, so we hitched a ride and went home, my reporter feeling successful and ready to review her notes.
"Three kids ruining (running) and jumping crazy. Baby being nody (naughty). Bikes silfer (silver) wears helmet. Bathroom in front yard."

I think she has an exciting journalism career ahead of her.

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  1. I absolutely loved reading "Ace Reporter". Delaney does so well and has such an imagination. I was really impressed by her spelling for her age, but I shouldn't have been. She excels in just about anything she tries. She can't possibly get any prettier, and yet every pic I see of her, she is just beautiful. And little Sis is coming up right behind her. I sure love those girls. By the way, the comments she caught and put on paper was just fantastic. I love that they play while they learn.


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