Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Learning How to Draw

Delaney loves to draw. She spends hours and hours of her day with a pen or crayon or pencil, and draws amazing people, letters, and animals.

A few of my recent favorites...her detail astounds me.

A river and a waterfall, a princess with shoes, dress, crown, earrings and rings.

She has been drawing "constellations" - see the upper right hand corner.

I have found several step by step tutorials online for her, and she does very well following the directions and creating various pictures. You can find several links at my "Homeschool-Art" board on Pinterest.

Recently, she wanted to draw Kai-Lan, so I did a Google search and found this tutorial (and lots of others!) at

She did her best...and was very successful.

She has also begun to illustrate within her words. These photos really do not do her creativity justice, but if you click on them, you can see her art a little more clearly. My favorite is the unicorn in the letter "E" on the second page.
"The unicorn and the lion were fighting each other for the ... all around town. The unicorn won. "
Some days, I worry that I don't have enough "structure" in our day, and that I should be making sure that we get to enough subjects in a week and I should be finding ways to challenge her more. Then she comes up with this incredible art, and I know that we are doing just fine. :)

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