Monday, February 25, 2013

Alphabet Time, Sophie-style

It seems like it was just yesterday that Delaney and I were working on ABC's and ABC order. Sophie loves her alphabet, too, which I really credit to I am certain that Starfall taught Hailey how to read ten years ago. I bought the kindergarten curriculum a few years ago when I started homeschooling Delaney, and Delaney still plays almost every day. The online books and poetry and music are wonderful, and the math games are fantastic. It is one of my happiest $36 expenditures every year and I HIGHLY recommend it. They have an iPhone/iPad app that is $2.99 and mirrors the ABC games on the website. I downloaded it for Sophie in January, and within about 2 weeks, she knew all of her letters and most of her sounds. It has ABC mazes to reinforce alphabetic order, "what is different" games for identifying letters and differentiating uppercase and lowercase, an uppercase/lower case sort, and lots of other skill builders for initial sounds and rhymes.

Since Sophie learned her letters so quickly, I decided to test her attention span and see if she was ready for my alphabet games.

I unpacked the Garanimals ABC and just set the board out on the floor. I showed her the alphabet cards and let her identify some of the letters for me. I asked her to find a few on the board, demonstrating how to match them up, and then I left her alone.

A few minutes later, I checked on her, and she was doing great.
She matched up fourteen before she moved on to another activity. If you ask her, her favorite letter is "Q".

Today, I pulled out the "rainbow" cookie sheet and the magnet letters. We put them in order together...we sang the ABC song (26 times ;) ), and she found the correct letters and put them in their spot.
She wanted to play with the little animal erasers that I use with bingo, so I asked her to find letters and she put animals on top of them.

I love her little voice. "Where aaaaaaare you, letter E? Right there!"

 I helped her spell "Sophie".

She thought she was pretty awesome after finishing all of this hard work. I did, too. :)

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  1. Wow, I have amazing grandchildren...thanks to their amazing parents :)


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