Thursday, August 23, 2012


Our family pretty much home schools year round, with breaks when we need them. Delaney and I had a discussion the other day about how we learn everywhere we go, and I told her that we should really call it "life schooling", because we learn things everywhere we go, not just when we are at home! She thought that was really funny. :)

I decided to have Hailey stay home this year too, and it is fun to watch all the kids working and learning together.
 Delaney reading Hailey her journal for the day...
 Sophie gets a lesson about bigger and smaller from her big sister...
 Hailey working on her writing lesson...Even the kitten is enjoying learning. :)
 Delaney drawing an illustration for her journal. It was about Princess Delaney, who is taken to a castle by Hailey, and then saved from vampires from Prince Daddy.

Sophie is really into sorting lately. She loves to help put away the silverware and find all of the forks, then spoons. She also likes to sort the dishes and then nest them by size, or put one cup in each bowl.
 I put a bunch of S'mores goldfish in a plate and let her sort them...and of course eat them once she had completed her task!
I have high expectations for everyone this year, and I think we are off to a good start!

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