Sunday, March 4, 2012

Solar System, Part 2

Delaney finished up her solar system the other day. I decided she should make a flat model, rather than 3D, so she could do the majority of the work on it.

First, she cut out all of the planets that she had previously colored.

Then, she wrote labels for all of the planets. We always feel sad when we have to leave out poor Pluto.
I made our night sky, and she attached the sun in the very middle.

I found this image of the solar system at
Delaney looked at it and put the planets in the correct place,and added her labels.
 I wanted to draw the circles for the planets' orbits, but I didn't want my bad circle drawing to mess up her totally awesome sky. :)
We talked about the stars and constellations while she was assembling. After she was finished, we made some constellations with goldfish, and ate some delicious meteorites (M&M's).

Even Sophs got to make a constellation.
I can't wait to see what we get to learn about this week!

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