Thursday, February 23, 2012

Greater Than, Less Than

We love to play games at our house, and we had a family War tournament a few weeks ago. Delaney really enjoyed it, so Cullen played with her a few more times over the weekend and taught her to say "A is greater than B" for whatever the cards were during each turn.

I took it a little further while we played for our math time this week, and made an "alligator" mouth. I explained that the alligator is only hungry for the biggest number, and also that in official math terms, the alligator is a greater or less than symbol.

Then we played, and she beat my socks off. Again. :)

Getting to make the alligator eat all of the numbers while she told me which number was greater than the other was an added bonus.
Delaney has also been working on recognizing all of the numbers through 100. Did you know that information gets to your long term memory better if you learn it while wearing pajamas? If that were true, we would all have fantastic long term memory around here...haha.
Sophie has been enjoying making towers with her pegs lately.
Her favorite part might be knocking them all down when she is finished. I love her face in this picture - so proud of herself!

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