Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Peek-a-Boo Book

I found this family peek-a-boo idea on Pinterest, and followed it to this AMAZING kids' activity blog.You will get completely lost in all the possibilities on this blog, from babies up to middle school ideas. It is fantastic.

ANYWAY...(see, this is how I end up spending my time reading about the cool stuff that I want to make instead of actually making it...)

I loved the peek-a-boo tray, because not only could I make it with all kinds of random stuff that I have around the house, but I could customize it for what I want Sophie to learn and/or do.

I went on a materials search and came up with a shoe box lid, some primary color felt scraps, some clothesline, a little bit of pretty ribbon, a pipe cleaner, and some craft flowers. I wanted red, blue, yellow and green so she can begin learning basic colors, and lots of interesting sensory materials for her to mess with.

I unraveled the clothes line on the ends, and wrapped the pipe cleaner around my finger to make it more fun. Then I just glued it all together.

I chose 4 pictures to use that featured Sophie with each member of our family. I wanted her face to be in the pictures too, because who doesn't get excited about seeing their own face, right? 

If I had wanted to purchase fabric to make this, it might have turned out a little bit prettier, but for a first attempt, I don't think it turned out too badly! When my little destructo-bot gets her hands on it tomorrow, it will probably need a little remodel anyway. :)

Updated to add: She LOVES it! :)

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