Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Singapore Math

Delaney really likes math, and seems to catch on to concepts quickly. I am definitely someone who needs a teaching guideline so I do not get distracted and veer off into other things and perhaps not follow an order, which is okay in most subjects, but math seems to need a definite order. I did a bunch of research, being the OCD researcher that I am, and decided on Singapore Math. It comes with a textbook that is more like a workbook, an activity book with cut/paste stuff, drawing, etc to reinforce the lessons, and a pack of nursery rhymes/fairy tales to go with each unit. The illustrations are fun and have many ways to teach the math concept while you read. There are many negative feelings in the educational field about workbooks and worksheets, and hands-on learning is by far the most effective, but some kids really are suited for paper-and-pen style learning. My girl is definitely one of those types. This curriculum mixes both, and so far, Delaney loves it.

When I let her choose what subject we will do first, she almost always picks math. She chooses to read the stories from the set for fun all the time. About 1/3 of the first book will be review for her...matching, sorting, numbers and counting through 10, patterns and shapes are all concepts that she is pretty proficient with. I am reviewing each with her, and if she gets impatient with the activities, I just have her show me that she has mastered the skill, and we move on. So far in each unit, the lesson has been presented in a few different ways, and at least one way that I would never have thought of and gets both of us to think a little outside the box. It is great. We will start to get into harder skills soon, and I am looking forward to watching her learn!

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