Thursday, November 10, 2011

Numbers Everywhere

If you have ever spent time at KRMC, this cup is a familiar sight.
I know it as the prize they give you when you have a baby. :)

A few weeks ago, Delaney was playing with it, and wanted to identify all of the numbers. Since then, she has learned to identify all of the numbers on the cup (counting up to 19 by odd numbers, and up to 550 by 50's). Today, she told me which even numbers are missing on the left side. We have been working with the 100 chart since September, and she can identify all of the numbers through 100, but this is a much more fun way to learn to skip count!

I don't currently have a structured math curriculum for her (yet! It's on its way, though, and I am pretty excited about it!) but we find numbers all around the house. We do simple addition at our meals, and throughout the day, and lots of measuring and counting while we bake. I find that she learns well if I just place opportunity all around her, and take advantage of the teaching moments as they appear.

And by opportunity, I mean a trail of M&M's to the activity I would like her to do... Kidding, of course. :)

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