Thursday, August 25, 2011

Science Night

I think Cullen is in charge of Science lessons around here.

There is a huge spider web to the left of our front door. I asked the husband to do something about it, because visitors have started noticing it. It is so big and thick that you can't see through it.

Cullen went out to inspect, and then went out to the back yard. We curious girls followed. As it turns out, he saw a very big wolf spider in the web . He decided to catch a fly to put in the web (yes, he can catch flies with his bare hands. :O ) so Delaney could watch what would happen next.

This guy is pretty crazy looking.
Can you see the fly in the web beside him?

It was so interesting. It took the spider about 10 minutes of slowly moving around to eventually run out, grab the fly and carry him into the hole in the web. This part happened so abruptly and quickly that I startled and jumped instead of taking the picture.

*Chills down my spine* I am usually pretty good with bugs and spiders, but I have to admit, even looking at these pictures is making me a little nervous.

I had never seen anything like this up close. Delaney was pretty amazed by the whole thing as well. Who needs a science textbook when you have nature all around you, and a brave, brave husband. :)

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