Thursday, September 11, 2014

Glimpse of the Art Gallery

Delaney has been amassing quite the collection of creative works.

She created a series of paper dolls, which she made with construction paper, glue and markers.



A moon and a space car.

Character from Grimm's Fairy Tales

Howdy the Cowboy

 She created these scenes with markers and other paper dolls...

Flounder and Ariel

Silvermist, the horse fairy
African Savannah
She painted an eye...

We follow Javier Perez on Instagram (@cintascotch). He uses everyday objects to make art, and his art is so fun.  Delaney was inspired and made this bug with a wine cork.

She draws every day...I am amazed at her ability to draw eyes that appear to be looking right at you.

Sister Princesses, Good and Bad

Self portrait

I love the facial expression on this one.

This girl is walking and has turned sideways to look at something.

 She made this little fairy house awhile ago.

"Fairys Welcome"

She also fashioned some tiny fairy dresses, but she hid them in the backyard for the fairies to find before I could take a picture.

I love her creative spirit. I am excited to see what I will discover in the art room every day! 


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