Thursday, February 20, 2014

Happy Birthday, Abraham Lincoln

Delaney has a great interest in all things Civil War era, and especially Abraham Lincoln. She will tell you that he is her favorite president for many reasons...abolishing slavery, being an honest person, etc., but most of all because he loved to read like she does and learned most of the things he knew from reading on his own, which is her favorite way to learn as well.

*Funny side note: One time, we were at the library, and Delaney was reading a Magic Tree House book about Abraham Lincoln. She struck up a conversation with the woman beside her, who asked her about the book. Delaney told the woman how much she likes Abraham Lincoln, and that he was her favorite president. The woman said, "Yes, he was our first president, right?" 

Delaney looked at her, surprised, and said (very politely, thank goodness), "No, that was George Washington." The woman stammered for a moment, and then just got up and walked away. 

When I told her about Presidents' Day, and reminded her of Abraham Lincoln's birthday on February 12, she decided it was time for a celebration.

We read books about Lincoln, talked about Lincoln, and researched his favorite foods. History tells us that he did not like fancy and rich foods, but preferred eggs, which were often difficult to come by, and bacon. He enjoyed honey quite a bit, and many times just nibbled on fruit during the day, apples being his favorite.

Delaney made us an Abraham Lincoln Lunch, and has made the same lunch for us every day this week. She takes her history seriously. :)

She made an Abraham Lincoln house out of legos. 

Delaney also found a new Lincoln biography at Bookman's, and bought it to celebrate his day.

If you are looking for some good resources, these are some of Delaney's favorite books about Mr. Lincoln, all of which we were able to find at the local library:

Abraham Lincoln, Mary Pope Osborne
Civil War on Sunday, Mary Pope Osborne
Abe Lincoln at Last!, Mary Pope Osborne
Lincoln Tells a Joke: How Laughter Saved the President, Kathleen Krull
Stand Tall, Abe Lincoln, Judith St. George
The Abraham Lincoln You Never Knew, James Lincoln Collier

Happy birthday, Mr. Lincoln!

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  1. I love the fact that Laney is so interested in the presidents at her young age! So impressive!


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