Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Tea Time at The Peaks

The girls and I have been attending a story time at The Peaks Senior Living Community. Each week, one of the senior residents reads several books on the same theme to a group of preschoolers that go to a nearby in-home daycare, and then they do a craft or other activity related to the theme. Delaney and Sophie joined the group at the beginning of November, and it has been very enjoyable!

Last week's theme was "Tea Party". The first book was called "Tea Rex", and was a seriously cute book about dinosaurs having a tea party that I might have to buy. The kids listened to a few other stories as well, and then were invited to a tea party!

It was set up beautifully, with real cups and saucers for everyone, snacks, apple cider for tea, and big, floppy hats for all.

All of the children used their very best party manners.
 Some of the residents came out to visit.
 It was really one of the cutest events we've been to in awhile.
Delaney recreated the scene a few days later with some friends...
And I am pretty sure that a certain young lady will be receiving a tea set for her upcoming 3rd birthday. We will have to start looking at thrift stores for some big hats. Those were half of the fun.

It's important to me for the kids to be participating in some sort of "community service" activity. We had helped in the reading room at the Family Food Center for about a month, which I enjoyed, but it was not quite right for the girls. The story time at The Peaks has been a great, low-key way to introduce them to some people outside of their usual comfort zone and teach them about doing kind things for people we don't know. Each week, they become a little more comfortable speaking to the residents, and Delaney is old enough to help out where needed at the kids' craft time. The Peaks has a game day for the residents on Sunday afternoons, and as soon as Delaney feels confident about interacting with the "grandpas and grandmas", as the girls like to call them, she and I will try that out. I have high hopes. :)

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  1. I was so touched by this post for obvious reasons. This teaches respect and compassion for the elderly as well as enjoying a tea party at the same time. What a lovely combination!


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