Wednesday, October 23, 2013


Some people name their "home schools". I haven't, but as I wrote that title, I thought if I were going to, "OctoberSchool" would be a lovely name. October is such a crisp month...beautiful days and cold nights, nature changing colors all around us. I often have a clue of the weather when I get out of bed, but the winds will change and what started out as a warm, sunshine-y day may require a thicker sweater. That describes homeschooling rather well for me. Stunning, unexpected, constantly adjusting, but slightly predictable...

We have been having a lot of fun this month with our learning. In my continued efforts to organize our time better, I made the kids chore charts, and a school chart for Delaney.
You can find these super cute printable cards here.

The school chart is basically a list of the things I would like to accomplish, and whatever Delaney adds that she would like to do as well. Some days we get to take everything off and put it in the finished box, some days we don't, but it gives us a good visual plan and is working well for both of us!

Sophie has continued to practice writing her name. Delaney is a big helper, and encourages her a lot.
Yay for school in pajamas!
 Sophie has also started learning some sight words. Playing Memory is her favorite way to practice.
Delaney learned about Georgia O'Keefe, and loved her big, vibrant paintings. The book we read about O'Keefe explained that she painted things the way she saw them, so others could see them her way. Delaney tried her hand at some Georgia-esque paintings of her own.
Sunset, O'Keefe style, by Delaney
Sophie painted a rainbow of h's.
We found our Halloween Pre-K pack and Sophie practiced counting, matching shadows and matching words with pictures, based on initial sounds.
The girls have been playing a game I have from when Hailey was kindergarten-sized, Penguin Math.
Sophie gets to spin, move her penguin and then count out the correct number of mini M&M's to match the number she lands on.
Delaney gets to spin, and has to add the number she lands on to the number on the spinner.
And then, of course they get to eat all of the M&M's afterwards. :)

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