Saturday, September 21, 2013

Apple Picking in Oak Creek Canyon

This week, we met a few other homeschoolers down in Oak Creek Canyon and went apple picking.

There were many, many trees with fruit at just the right level for Sophie and Delaney to reach.
Delaney took her picking seriously.
Sophie had more of a "one for you, one for me" mindset.
It was so much fun
I had forgotten how beautiful Oak Creek Canyon is.
The leaves are about to turn. I want to make another trip that way in a few weeks. The trees will be gorgeous.

We played at Slide Rock for a little while, and the girls climbed around while I had a little heart attack watching them.
Apple picking is really hard work when you are two.
The following day, we made apple pie.

My dad gave me my grandma's old cookbook after she passed away, which is a treasure trove of her notes and hand written recipes. I found her "Hot Water  Pie Crust" recipe, and we gave it a try.
I have never been adept at pie crust. I typically buy it at the grocery store.

My grandma was a fantastic baker, though, and this recipe says "Never Fail". I decided to believe her. 

Delaney was a wonderful pie dough mixer, and had fun rolling it out as well.
Sophie made her own concoction with the remainder of the pie dough and some cinnamon and apples.
Delaney put together her own little turnovers.
I just put the pie together.
It was DELICIOUS. Even the crust. My grandma was right. 
Thanks, Gram.


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