Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Geometric Shapes and Some Drawing Fun

While Delaney was at Day Camp last week, I took the opportunity to spend some one on one time with Sophie, and begin to move us toward the habit of school time in the mornings.

I pulled out the geometric shapes first. There are a lot of things we can do with these...colors, counting, shapes, patterns, picture puzzles....the list goes on.

First, we reviewed shapes and colors. I love how she says "Hec-ca-gon" and "tap-a-ZOID!", because everyone knows those are really funny words.

I wasn't sure if she was quite ready for the picture puzzles, but she was interested in them right away, and rocked the flower.
I made an AB pattern for her, and she caught on to how to finish it rather quickly also.
Then we made 345809766 towers and knocked each other's over. She liked that part best.
I worked with her on spelling and tracing her name.

She made several smiley faces.
 Which are quite possibly the cutest smiley faces ever drawn.
I drew some shapes for her to complete. After she completed my squares, she told me that they needed a nose and a smiley mouth too.
I have a feeling that Sophie knows how to do much more than I give her credit for. She and Delaney were drawing with chalk yesterday, and Sophie proudly showed me that she can write a "P", "O" and "L".
I can't wait until she shows me what else she has hidden in her "things I know that Mom doesn't know I know" reserves...:)

When we spend fun times like this together, I remind myself how very important it is that I make time to do so. She is my last baby, and this is my last two and I need to soak it all in before I get too busy and she is three. Soph is such a funny, smart, kind little girl, and her personality is just perfect right now. I never thought I'd say this...but I love two. I hope I can figure out a way to make the next five months crawl by.


  1. So cute! Those are most adorable smiley faces for sure, but they resemble the heads of aliens...has she had an encounter :)

  2. What has always stuck in my mind about the age of "2" is that instead of referring to it as "terrible twos" it needs to be thought of as "terrific twos!" You are obviously thinking in these positive terms,


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