Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Baking Soda, Vinegar and Food Coloring

a.k.a. Delaney likes to do science experiments all by herself now.

While unpacking the books, I found a set of science books that I had saved from the throw away pile at school once upon a time. They were published in the 80's in the UK and cover various subjects, such as inside looks at lamps, beans, plants, and all sorts of other things.

The girls have made "ice lollies", and have plans for more experiments.

Delaney's experiment that day began with the "grow your own crystals" she received for her birthday, which entailed covering them with vinegar.

Once she completed them, she wasn't quite ready to stop. She asked for the food coloring, water, more cups, and I supplied a just-in-case towel.

I asked her what the plan was, and she said that she wanted to discover if vinegar will freeze like water. I helped her write up a little plan and we reviewed the scientific method, which "Sid the Science Kid" and "Dinosaur Train" have taught her well.

The answer? Vinegar will indeed freeze like water, although it takes considerably longer, and has a sticky film on top of it. Also, it makes the kitchen smell awful lovely.

Delaney was on a roll after that, and got out a bigger cup and a spoon and requested the baking soda. She experimented with different amounts of water, vinegar and baking soda, examining the different amounts of fizz she could make occur.

At one point, she got a little distracted, and the entire contents of that big orange cup spilled onto the table and the floor. I really wanted to be very unhappy about that and make sure she knew it, but the good teacher side of me prevailed and just helped her clean up. I am sure that most inventors make big messes, and I didn't want to squelch her inquisitive spirit. She needs reminders all the time that things aren't always easy or go as planned the first time...this was just a nice, big, red, wet reminder for both of us. :)

She decided that she was finished with liquids, and went on to use the food coloring to change the baking soda into different colors.

At one point, she tasted it and decided that was a REALLY bad idea, and ended up with a stomachache. I told her that she is probably not the first scientist to do that, either!

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