Thursday, April 18, 2013

Author Preview

Delaney has written a little library full of books so far. Here are the cover pages...

Ted and the Candy Maker...a book about a boy and his friend.
 Clown's Lips...a tale of the various ways a clown looks.
 First Day of unusually cold July complete with hot chocolate.
 Lovely Day. A Poem and a Song.
 Three Facts About Spiders. Folk tales of how three spiders got their names.
 Sophie and Delaney Out Under...A tragic story of two sisters drowned at sea.
 The Cookbook. I am going to have to do a whole post on this one. :)

I keep a stack of paper in the living room for her. She began folding and stapling them together to make a book on her own. I love the determined look on her face when she writes, and the way she doesn't even hear me talking to her when she is in the midst of a story.

There is an free site, Youblisher, that allows you to upload files and publish them in a flippable pdf format. As soon as I turn these into digital books, I will be sure to post them for your reading pleasure!

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