Tuesday, October 9, 2012


Delaney made a scarecrow today, in honor of Autumn. We both decided that we like that word so much better than "Fall". It sounds like it matches the colors and smells of the season. Not that we have a whole lot of color around here in our desert, but we can decorate it up, right?

I found the scarecrow directions here at www.busybeekidscrafts.com. Delaney cut out the shirt template, and stuffed the paper bag. She cut out some eyes, and a button for the scarecrow's shirt, and cut some fringe on yellow paper for arms..
The hat didn't come together quite like the directions indicated, so we decided that it should be a bonnet, instead. 

We put it all together with tape and glue and string and staples. We had to improvise a bit...the project turned out to be a little less kid-friendly than it looked. I had to help her out a little more than I would usually help on an art project, but all creative license belonged to her. I was simply a technical helper.
 If I were a bird, I wouldn't go anywhere near this lady.

 Sophie felt the same way.
 Hailey kept gasping every time it caught her eye in the kitchen while it dried.
 Success! :D


  1. Okay, that was worth a deep down belly laugh! I love it! Still laughing..can't help it. Such a cute scary-crow :)

  2. Haha...I couldn't agree more! :)


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