Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Wall Draw III

NAU's Beasley Art Gallery is currently hosting Wall Draw III, which is one of the most unique displays of art I have seen.

The girls and I decided to check it out while we were in Flagstaff a few weeks ago. We were in awe from the moment we entered the School of Art. Students were attending class - making art and playing music. I love being on a college campus in general...the whole air of it makes me happy, but the School of Art especially appeals to me. All that creativity in one place...*sigh*

Once in the gallery, we were greeted and directed to a table full of brushes of various sizes and shapes, as well as lots of black paint. We chose some brushes and some pre-mixed paint, and went to find a spot.

The walls are partially covered with brown paper, and you are allowed to paint whatever you want in the white areas. It looks like this:
This picture is courtesy of Kirsten at All Shiny and New. She so graciously gave me permission to use her picture, as I failed to take a good shot of the whole wall, and she captured it beautifully!   

We found a nice spot big enough for all three girls, and let their creativity fly. It was a little bit of an adventure to make sure that Sophie painted only on her spot, and didn't "add" to any other artists' work, or her sisters', but all in all, she was pretty good.
Who, me? I'm perfect.
Nice face paint, Soph. We also found later that she had decorated her arms and legs a bit. :)

Hailey's finished product...
Delaney's art...
Delaney found a place where an artist had painted the entire tale of "The Old Woman Who Swallowed a Fly". She added her own flair above it...
Sophie is going through a Jackson Pollack phase...

P.S. There is a really fun Jackson Pollack game at Just enter the door!

I started to paint a favorite Ayn Rand quote and some decorations, but Sophie decided to help and it ended up looking more like a volcano. I added some lava and rocks and left it at that. We'll just call it economic symbolism. ;) I forgot to take a picture of mine while I was corralling my little would have been a good day for student photography!

After we finished our paintings, we wandered around and looked at all of the others, and took pictures of our favorites...

The gallery opens to the public on October 5th, from 5-7pm. It will be amazing to see how so many different works of art will coalesce into one beautiful display. I am so glad that we were able to be a part of it, and I think the girls will remember this experience well.

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