Friday, September 14, 2012

Learning with Five in a Row - Lentil

I am using the Five in a Row curriculum with Delaney this year. We read the book Lentil, and one of the suggested activities was to learn about monuments. Delaney learned about what a monument or memorial is, and we headed out to see some real ones. Delaney got to be the photographer for the day, since it was her lesson.

We visited the Firefighter's Park and Doxol Memorial first. The story of the Doxol explosion is tragic. There were 107 casualties, including 11 volunteer firefighters, one of whom was the principal of the local high school.
 Our family knows a few of the families of the firefighters who lost their lives that day. I pointed out to the girls the names of those we know, and family members we know.

The girls read the names on the pave stones, and many were names we recognized.

Delaney was especially intrigued by the piece of burned metal from the train car. We talked about how very hot it must have been to burn and melt metal that heavy.

We talked about how a memorial makes us feel, and how it helps us to remember people or events.
The girls posed for some pictures.
Hailey and I

Next, we went to the Veteran's Memorial Park downtown.

We talked about what it means to be a veteran, and what the military does.

When we returned home, we looked up some more information on the Doxol explosion and about the firefighters who lost their lives.

It was a fairly serious lesson, but Delaney really understands what a memorial is now. We have talked about it since then, and she would like to go visit the park again.

On a lighter note, some of the other activities we did included playing instruments in the bathtub and learning how to read a map of our neighborhood. If you need to get to the park from our house, or Great-Nana's, Delaney can help! :)

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