Thursday, September 8, 2011

The Store Game

Delaney and her cousin played were playing together a few weeks ago. They used a cash register and pretended to buy things. They had a lot of fun.

I thought I would play it with Delaney and sneak in some math!

We sorted items by food and non-food. She had to count the items in her cart. We used links for money.

She was the cashier first.

Bella had taught her that the first step to being a good cashier is asking the buyer for their phone number...haha. A good skill to learn, though, so it was a great addition to the game.

She would scan my items and tell me how much my total was. I had to give her the correct amount of links, then she would count them to make sure I gave her enough.

I got a turn next. She was a great shopper, taking the game a little further, and pretending that she had a recipe for soup, found all of the ingredients she would need, and purchased her items. She is getting much better at counting objects, and did an awesome job.

Even Sophie had a great time!

Afterwards, she invited Cinderella and Snow White over for dinner. :)

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  1. Very good times! [smile] I love it when we get to apply math to life.



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