Thursday, June 9, 2011

Cupcake Numbers

My little sweetie pie turned 3 last week, so in honor of her birthday, I made a little cupcake counting center.

I used this .pdf I found through a Google search...

Hailey colored the cupcakes for me, then I cut them out. I let Delaney pick which numbers she wanted to use, and pick from an assortment of candles to place the right amount of candles on top of or around the cupcakes.

She is beginning to catch on to 1:1 correspondence, and successfully completed numbers 1-6 without help. I remind her to count from left to right, and touch each candle with her finger as she counts to make it a little easier.

She can count to 15 now, and would previously just count to whatever number she decided to stop on, but during this activity, she actually counted the candles. Yay Delaney!

This activity could be used in many different ways...number order, using cupcakes or candles to sort by color or pattern, making a pattern with the candles or cupcakes, or counting backwards. You could also have your child color the cupcakes in a pattern.You could also color the correct number of dots on the top of the cupcake to correspond with the numbers on the cupcakes. There are lots of different adaptations to work with whatever level your child is at.

The TLS site has a bunch of other free printable activities as well. Bookmark it - it's a great resource!

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