Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Water Paint

Delaney hasn't really shown much interest in learning how to write, but she loves to paint and draw with chalk. While it was nice outside last week, she asked if she could water paint, and I turned it into a nice opportunity to practice writing numbers and her name.

Water painting is the least messy painting ever. All you need is a nice big paint brush, a flat area outside, preferably a lot of sunshine, and a bowl of water, and there you go.

I drew numbers 1-5 on the patio with chalk, and she named them. I painted on top of the 1 to show her how to paint it, and she painted all of her numbers for awhile.

I wrote her name with some chalk, and she painted the D, then decorated around her name.

I love this art activity. No mess, many, many possibilities, and plenty of room for creativity.

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