Friday, April 29, 2011

Technology is Not My Friend Today...

Although I consider myself fairly computer savvy, and can look at examples of HTML and CSS and figure out how to change it to do a little bit of what I want, such as, make a cool little blog button and a way for you to put it on your blog too, which you should definitely do, by the way, hint, hint....Whew, sorry. Run-on sentence and getting carried away...:)

ANYHOW...there is some code on this template or site somewhere that is slowing it down and you are probably seeing an error message of some sort about it, and it might even be locking your browser up. I'm so sorry, and I am going to have my computer genius software engineer husband take a look at it sometime this weekend and see if he can fix it. I am going to go make some cake now, to further influence him to do such things.

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