Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Spontaneous Glue Art!

Delaney and I were getting ready to work on a cutting and gluing project, and she began without me. I discovered a piece of paper with a HUGE glue puddle, instead of the little dots I was expecting.

But, you know, most great art isn't actually planned and carried out exactly according to plan, right?

I let her add a few more big puddles to the paper.

I took some food coloring (she chose red) and put 1-2 drops in each glue puddle. I took a toothpick and showed her house to move the coloring around to create some fun patterns, gave her a few toothpicks of her own, and set her free!

It was a good project for fine motor skills - maneuvering a small toothpick takes lots of finger muscles! It was also perfect for tracing various shapes, talking about what abstract things resemble, and definitely let her creativity run free.

Once the glue and food coloring dries, it looks like a thick gloss, and looks and feels pretty cool. We may do this again intentionally on a pattern of some sort.

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