Sunday, April 10, 2011

M&M Number Order

I made some number flashcards that have small circles to indicate "how many" the number is. The circles are just the right size for M&M's, or other small candies or objects.

First, Delaney had to put the cards in order. We began with 1-5. It's always good to not overwhelm and frustrate her during the first time we do an activity, so I begin with a little easier project than I think she can do, and work our way up to where I would like her to be. This way, she feels successful every time, and looks forward to trying it again. I feel successful, too, because she enjoys our game, and she accomplishes my goals for her, which in this case was just numbers 1-6.

I like to have her do this vertically right now, so she is basically only looking at one number at a time, instead of a line of numbers and circles.

Then, she used this fun little die I have. She rolled the die, identified the number, found it in her number line and placed the correct number of M&M's on the card, then, we would count them together.

She may be the only two year old I know that I can trust to take a bowl full of M&M's and just place them on number cards, and not try to eat them while I am not watching. Haha. Of course, I gave her a few to reward her for good behavior. ;)

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